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What is a Homescore Report?

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What is a Homescore Report?

When you find your dream home you deserve to know exactly what you’re buying. By using numeric score ratings of 1-10, Homescore reports cover all key areas of the property and rate its condition in a way that’s easy to understand. This type of entry level survey can also be referred to as a Level One Survey.


When Should You Choose a Homescore Report?

A Homescore survey is suitable for conventional houses, flats or bungalows that are built from common building materials and are in reasonable condition. They are designed specifically for potential home buyers.


How Much Does A Homescore Report Cost?

Homescore Reports start at a cost of £360* on average. They can rise up to £758* depending on the value of the property being purchased. They are not recommended on properties valued over £750,000, where a RICS Homebuyer Report or a RICS Building Survey would be more appropriate. Homescore surveys are designed specifically for buyer convenience, with a 24 hour turnaround time from the survey being conducted to the survey results being with the customer and they’re cheaper to commission compared to a more traditional survey such as a RICS Homebuyer Report or RICS Building Survey, making them a cost-effective alternative.

*at SDL Surveying

The Cost of a Homescore Survey
See our handy table below for a summary of the cost of a Homescore survey report, according to the value of your property & find out how much your Homescore survey will cost:

Property Price:Customer Fees (inc. VAT)
£0 - £100K£400
£100K - £150K£420
£150K - £200K£450
£200K - £250K£480
£250K - £300K£510
£300K - £350K£600
£350K - £400K£630
£400K - £450K£720
£450K - £500K£720
£500K - £600K£798
£600K - £700K£798
£700K - £750K£798
£750K+Not recommended on a property of this value.

Our Homescore Report does not include a valuation, but our surveyor is able to provide this as a separate, extra service. Estimated costs of repairs may also be included as an option.
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