Retrofit services

Retrofit services

Retrofitting a property refers to making alterations to an existing building that improve its energy efficiency. This includes making improvements to the property’s ability to be heated efficiently and retain heat for longer, in addition to replacing existing energy sources with lower carbon options. The entire retrofit process should be conducted by a team of qualified experts who work together to implement changes and adopt a ‘whole house’ approach.

At SDL Surveying, we have accredited professionals in every region of the UK, enabling us to provide a one-stop shop for retrofit services on a national scale. In addition to being RICS-qualified surveyors, all our assessors are Elmhurst Energy and TrustMark registered.

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PAS 2035 compliance

PAS 2035 is a specification for ‘whole house’ or ‘whole building’ retrofit. This involves identifying areas where improvements can be made and specifying and designing the relevant improvement measures to domestic dwellings. Compliance with PAS 2035 is mandatory for all companies installing Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs), including domestic retrofit.

There are four main roles within the PAS 2035 framework, which are explained below:

Retrofit assessor

A retrofit assessor conducts on-site retrofit assessments. These are two-hour inspections comprising of three parts: energy report, condition survey and an occupancy assessment. This is the first step in the retrofit process. The report is needed to understand what measures are necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Retrofit coordinator

A retrofit coordinator is the project manager for the whole retrofit project. They approve the retrofit assessment findings, develop a project plan, and manage the installation works. Their services are billed at an hourly rate, with the number of required hours dependent on the project’s complexity.

Retrofit designer

The retrofit designer carries out the design dependent on the project pathway chosen. The retrofit coordinator usually fulfils the designer role, utilising an extensive knowledge in all insulation, heating measures and renewables, and having the ability to produce designs quickly and accurately.

Retrofit evaluator

The retrofit evaluator oversees the final project and has the skills and knowledge to understand why a project may or may not have delivered the expected outcome. Evaluators are generally kept separate from coordinators to ensure a transparent view of the full project.

We’ve got it covered

Through its partnerships, SDL Surveying can fulfil the entirety of the PAS2035 journey, giving clients and their customers access to a genuine one-stop shop for retrofit services.

Step 1
Project inception
Step 2
Preliminary work

Identify archetypes

Risk pathway assessment

Step 3
Retrofit assessment

Including occupier intended outcomes

Step 4
Retrofit design

Improvement option evaluation

Medium term plan

Step 5
Retrofit installation

Engagement with installers (pricing and pre-installation survey)

PAS2030 retrofit installation

Retrofit handover

Step 6
Monitoring and evaluation
Our retrofit coordination and advice underpins the entire project

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