Level 2 Home Survey

What is an RICS Level 2 Home Survey?

An RICS Level 2 Home Survey is a detailed visual inspection of the property. This survey provides an account of the property’s condition and highlights significant problems with a straightforward ‘traffic light’ rating. This product was formerly referred to as a HomeBuyer Report.

Our surveyors are on hand to carry out RICS Level 2 Home Surveys across the country – request a quote now and feel confident you’re getting the survey you need.

  • Clear ‘traffic light’ ratings of the condition of different parts of the building, services, garage, and outbuildings, showing problems that require varying degrees of attention.
  • A summary of the risks to the condition of the building; and other matters including guarantees, planning, and building control issues for your legal advisers.
  • A standard visual inspection that doesn’t remove secured panels, electrical fittings etc.

When should you choose a Level 2 Report?

An RICS Level 2 Home Survey (formerly called a HomeBuyer Report) is most suitable for conventional houses, flats, or bungalows that are in reasonable condition and built from common building materials. It is not recommended for older buildings, as these builds often require a more in-depth Level 3 survey.

Armed with market-leading expertise, our RICS-qualified surveying team use the standard traffic light system to make understanding the health of your property easy. This system breaks down into three key colour codes.

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Powered by
  • An interactive digital survey portal
  • A clear and visual summary of your property's condition
  • Compatible with PC, tablets, and mobile (Android & iPhone)
  • All the information you need about your potential purchase at your fingertips

Our new digital home survey report makes it easier than ever to understand the condition of the property you are purchasing.

As the modern equivalent to the traditional ‘HomeBuyer Report’, our SURVO reports are fully compliant with the RICS Home Survey Standard and are completed by local RICS-registered surveyors.

What’s new is that our digital home surveys are delivered to you via an online portal which enables you to read your report easily on PC, tablet, or mobile.

Our SURVO reports also feature an easy-to-navigate interface and a property overview screen which draws your focus to the property elements that need the most attention.

At present, our digital home surveys are limited to certain postcode areas and therefore are not available to every customer. Enquire with our team today and you could be one of the first our customers to benefit from this fantastic new service.

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How much does an RICS Level 2 Home Survey cost?

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Looking for more information on your mortgage valuation?

When reviewing your mortgage application, your lender may enlist the specialist advice of a RICS Valuer to help them decide how to fund the property you are buying, or remortgaging. At SDL Surveying, we are instructed to provide valuations for a range of national lending organisations.

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