How to prepare for a home survey or valuation appointment?

Are you arranging for a surveyor to visit your home?

If you’re selling your property, as part of the selling process, you may be required to have a surveyor visit to inspect your home for a valuation or home survey. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect!

To help you prepare for your visit we’ve compiled some of our standard procedures as well as some useful advice to assist you in getting ready for your appointment.

Health and Safety requirements:

Dogs, cats, and other pets

At the time of booking, our team will inquire about any pets at the property. For the health and safety of our staff we do request that any pets, especially dogs, be secured or shut away. Although your dog may be friendly, we do have to mitigate any risk for allergies or injuries.



Although we are no longer in the height of the pandemic, we do still follow Covid-19 safety practices. Therefore, when booking your appointment our team will ask if anyone living at the property has had covid symptoms in the last 5 days. They will also request that you advise us if you are self-isolating due to covid, as we will then need to reschedule the appointment.

If you require our surveyor to wear a mask, please ask that they to do so ahead of time or when they arrive at the property.

What will the surveyor ask you?

When booking in your appointment our team will ask you some standard questions as part of a security check as well as to confirm the details of the property.

When visiting the property, the surveyor may repeat some of these questions to ensure we have the correct details. These may include but are not restricted to:

  • Confirming we have the correct address and postcode
  • Confirming we have the correct purchase price or estimated value
  • Confirming where an estimated value (for re-mortgage) was derived
  • Property age
  • Property alterations and consents
  • Lease length, ground rent and service charges
  • Confirming the current rent and estimated rent (buy-to-let cases)
  • Confirming the type of tenancy (buy-to-let cases)
  • Asking how long you have lived in the property and what you originally paid
  • Asking about the marketing of the property (if a sale). For example, how long was the property on the market for, what was the asking price

Which rooms and areas will the surveyor need to access?

When inspecting the property, the surveyor will need to have access to the entirety of the property which could include loft spaces, basements, and cellars, although there are exceptions to this.

Where possible, please ensure that all areas of the home are accessible to allow the surveyor to provide a thorough and accurate report. This may involve clearing furniture away from walls or access points, making the fuse box and boiler accessible or ensuring that all windows and doors have keys and can be opened.

Sometimes fixed cupboards/wardrobes that conceal walls may need to be opened although no furniture would be moved by the surveyor.

Please also advise of any outbuildings or garages you have that are included with the property; the surveyor may want to check these internally. Where your property has a substantial plot, it may not be practical to see the full extent of your estate and the valuer will discuss this with you when they arrive.

The surveyor will need to see all rooms to comply with the requirements of the lender. Therefore, if there are rooms that are occupied at the time of the inspection, perhaps with sleepy teenagers or night shift workers, the occupiers will be asked to facilitate inspection of all rooms (although surveyors will be happy to leave these areas until last if that helps).


How long will the appointment take?

This will vary depending on the type and size of the property and any pre-inspection preparation carried out by the surveyor. On average, our surveyors are likely to be on site 20 -40 minutes. However, for very small properties like studio flats the time on site may be less and for larger houses may be more.

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