Which Property Survey Is Right For Me?

House surveys help you find out about the condition of the property you wish to buy. In particular, it will highlight problems that could lead to costly repair works further down the line.

Find out which house survey is right for you by checking out our survey comparison summary table, or, by using our online advice tool below:

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Lender Valuations

When reviewing your mortgage application, your lender may enlist the specialist advice of a RICS Valuer to help them decide how to fund the property you are buying, or remortgaging.

At SDL Surveying, we provide valuations for a range of national lending organisations.

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Surveys For Buyers

A mortgage valuation won’t be detailed enough to inform you about the condition of the property you are purchasing.

We recommend that you should always commission your own independent home survey to understand the property’s state of repair and, if necessary, budget for any repair work that is required.

Why pay for a property survey?

A mortgage valuation is not a survey and is for the lender’s purposes only. A valuation report tells you little about the condition, and it won’t necessarily point out structural problems that you may have to pay to fix further down the line.

House surveys go into detail about the condition of a property, it’s defects and how to fix them, with the level of detail dependant on the type of property survey that you choose & they are completed by RICS accredited surveyors.

To see how much each type of property survey costs see our handy house survey cost comparison table.

Or, decide which type of house survey would be best for your property by referring to our different types of house surveys summary table.


of homebuyers don’t bother to purchase a home survey


of those who don’t bother later uncover faults

Level One Survey

When you find your dream home you deserve to know exactly what you’re buying.

By using numeric score ratings of 1-10, Homescore reports cover all key areas of the property and rate its condition in a way that’s easy to understand.


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RICS HomeBuyer Report

Level Two Survey

A RICS HomeBuyer report is a more extensive visual inspection of the property. It provides an expert account of the property’s condition and highlights significant problems with easy to understand ‘traffic light’ ratings.

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RICS Building Survey

Level Three Survey

A RICS Building Survey is the most in-depth and comprehensive report available. It provides a detailed picture of the property’s construction and condition, including roof, chimney, wall, floor, ceiling, door and window.

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Private Valuation

We specialise in the valuation of residential property for specific purposes including Help To Buy repayment. Please get in touch with our team below to discuss your requirements further.

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Specialist Reports

Sometimes a Lender Valuation, HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey will identify the need for further specialist reports, usually regarding specific issues such as damp, drainage or structural problems.

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