RICS Building Survey

Level Three Survey

What is a Building Survey?

Definition of a RICS Building Survey
A RICS Building Survey is the most in-depth and comprehensive report available. This survey provides a detailed picture of the property’s construction and condition including roof, chimney, wall, floor, ceiling, door and window. They also include advice sheets on how the more common problems that have been found at the property can be dealt with in terms of repair options and the consequences leaving any potential issues untreated. It can also be referred to as a Level Three Survey.


When Should You Choose a RICS Building Survey?

You should choose a RICS Building Survey if you’re dealing with a run-down, larger or older property, a building that is unusual or altered, or if you’re planning major works.


How Much Does A RICS Building Survey Cost?

Our RICS Building Surveys start at a cost of £800 inc VAT. They can rise up to £1,425 inc VAT depending on the value of the property being purchased.

The Cost of a RICS Building Survey
See our handy table below for a summary of the cost of a RICS Building Survey, according to the value of your property & find out how much your building survey will cost:

Property Price
Property Price:
Customer Fees
Customer Fees (inc. VAT)
£0 - £100K£800
£100K - £150K£800
£150K - £200K£850
£200K - £250K£850
£250K - £300K£850
£300K - £350K£925
£350K - £400K£925
£400K - £450K£925
£450K - £500K£975
£500K - £600K£975
£600K - £700K£1,025
£700K - £750K£1,075
£750K - £800K£1,075
£800K - £900K£1,125
£900K - £1 Million£1,175
£1 Million - £1.25 Million£1,275
£1.25 Million - £1.5 Million£1,325
£1.5 Million - £2 Million£1,425


RICS Building Survey Summary Video

What's Included in a RICS Building Survey?

  • A thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues
  • A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws
  • An outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity
  • A RICS Building Survey does not include a valuation, but our surveyor is able to provide this as a separate extra service. Estimated costs of repairs may also be included as an option
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